Is your business prepared for the next equipment failure or disaster? If not… you may be out of business by tomorrow.

A disaster can strike at anytime.  It can take the form of natural occurrences or in the form of theft sabotage, hardware failure, or user error.  Any of these occurrences of data loss can severely threaten a company’s business process.

Industry analysts report that 50% of businesses that lose their data never open their doors again. Research has shown that of those that do stay open 90% are out of business in two years… Let our online backup service help save your business.

Our online backup service is simple, automated and secure. Your data is securely stored off-site providing you with quick recovery of critical data files without the need for costly equipment, tapes or staff to maintain the backup systems. No longer will you need to worry about swapping tapes and taking the latest backup offsite.

Key Features

  • Provides secure, encrypted, off-site backup and restoration of your data
  • Comprehensive, automatic backup scheduling for “hands-free” backups
  • File selection filters so you can easily select only your most important and crucial files
  • Encryption and compression for fast, totally secure online backups
  • Email notification so you know immediately if there is any trouble
  • Included in the cost are setup and restore services provided by Congdon Web.

Choose a plan below and eliminate your backup hassles today.

Online Backup Services Base Plans




500 MB



1 GB



2 GB



5 GB



10 GB



25 GB



50 GB



100 GB



Additional Storage

250 MB Additional






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